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FIRmaker - First Licensees

2013-06-05 16:17

Much has happened since we introduced our revolutionary new FIRmaker Technology only two months ago. We have been overwhelmed by the tremendous interest from all over the pro-audio industry.

Today, we are more than happy to announce that K-array has successfully completed their first live tests with FIRmaker. K-array has been the first company to evaluate and license FIRmaker. As a supporter of the prototype development through several stages of beta tests and software releases the input from K-array has been essential for the ground-breaking performance of the new technology.

After inspiring discussions between VUE Audiotechnik and AFMG at the ProLight + Sound trade show in April, the engineers at VUE have integrated FIRmaker Technology into their al-4 Subcompact Line Array at an incredible pace. VUE will be presenting the al-4 Subcompact Line Array with FIRmaker optimization at InfoComm! You are invited to visit their demo room to see and hear for yourself.

ESS Professional Audio from Hua Nan in China once again demonstrates its leadership in high-quality products and technology. ESS has been offering accurate line array simulations with EASE Focus and EASE to their customers for many years by now. Immediately after the launch of FIRmaker, ESS decided to license FIRmaker for use with EASE Focus 2, being the first to bring the new technology to Asia and to their customers worldwide.

The number of FIRmaker-enabled DSP platforms is rapidly growing. As a response to the interest expressed by many of their customers, German manufacturer AllDSP recently announced support for AFMG FIRmaker. In cooperation with AFMG, AllDSP plans to enable both external control units as well as integrated DSP boards for use with FIRmaker. Apart from dedicated platform integration, FIRmaker is generally able to export FIR filters in basically any file format, e.g. csv, xml or wav.


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