Put Your Sound Where It Belongs!

AFMG FIRmaker® is the revolutionary sound optimization tool by AFMG® building the bridge to next-generation sound systems. Loudspeaker manufacturers can employ FIRmaker to give their customers the option of tuning DSP-based FIR filters for every possible venue configuration within seconds.

Technically speaking, FIRmaker represents a highly sophisticated optimization algorithm that is designed for computing optimal FIR coefficients in order to tailor a loudspeaker array's coverage to the exact audience area within a venue. Based on input data describing location geometry and sound sources, AFMG FIRmaker computes optimal filter transfer functions for driving each of the sound sources. These transfer functions can then be automatically converted into FIR filters.

AFMG FIRmaker provides:

  • Revolutionary sound system coverage and SPL
  • Optimized listening experience in all seats
  • Easy on-site tuning within minutes

...with any loudspeaker array, existing or new!

FIRmaker is already built into EASE Focus 3. Support for other AFMG simulation products will be added in the future.
Detailed information about the technology is provided on the FIRmaker Downloads and FAQ pages.

FIRmaker Integration with FIR-capable DSPs

FIR filters generated by FIRmaker’s optimization engine can be transferred to third-party DSP software effortlessly. A list of the currently supported DSP platforms can be viewed here: Supported DSP Platforms

At any time DSP manufacturers can enhance the integration of their DSPs with FIRmaker by supporting direct communication and transfer of FIR filters to their DSP control software. Manufacturers can find more information here: How can DSP/amplifier manufacturers enhance the integration of their DSPs with FIRmaker?

Software Development and Distribution

AFMG FIRmaker is developed and distributed by Ahnert Feistel Media Group. Located in Berlin, Germany, AFMG is a worldwide leader in software for the pro-audio industry and has created the industry standards EASE and EASERA software for acoustic simulation and measurement, respectively, as well as their related products EASE Focus, AFMG SysTune, EASE Address, EASE Evac, AFMG SoundFlow, AFMG Reflex and EASE SpeakerLab. AFMG works closely with leading university faculties, manufacturers and design clients to apply the latest developments in acoustical research and computer technology. For more information, including the latest news and forum posts, visit https://afmg.eu.

EASE, FIRmaker and AFMG are registered trademarks of AFMG Technologies GmbH.     FIRmaker patents pending.